If you are ready to lose weight, get stress free, improve your health, appearance, and lifestyle, we’re here to help.  Obesity isn’t a disease that most people can overcome through sheer willpower. Even losing small amounts of weight can be extremely difficult. Most people we see have tried to lose weight through a variety of diets and exercise program and have not been successful. Our program provides a comprehensive program, helping you to make lasting lifestyle changes as you journey towards a place of improved health. Teaching you how to eat healthfully, changing your thoughts and behaviors associated with eating, and incorporating exercise into your life is key to weight loss and weight loss maintenance.

Melissa Phillips owner of Wheatgrass Juice Bar has several certifications as well as wisdom through experience raising four sons and helping her husband pastor for 20 years in ministry.

Health Coach Melissa Phillips is board certified in both Biblical Counseling and Transformational Master Health Coaching , uniquely qualified to provide help those who are frustrated as to why they cannot lose weight. You will be scanned throughout your program with her Zyto Body Compass, assessing not only physical needs but also emotional.

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Increased weight can be associated with diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, stroke and some cancers. The 90 Day Transformational Program focus is on life-long weight management rather than on the short-term “diet”.

Take your life in a new direction, let us help you find a life of freedom and start to live your healthiest and happiest life.

Melissa’s motto is to help busy people get unstuck for weight-loss, increase energy, manage stress, and be transformed as they find abundant living and success in their daily busy lives.

Melissa offers a FREE Breakthrough Session ($97 value) as part of her sessions of the Abundant Living lifestyle.

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What you will find out in this fun and easy session:

  • Questions designed to uncover the challenges you are experiencing and what is not going well
  • Discover what your vision is for your problems and what is keeping you from having what you want and know how to move forward.

What are people saying about their experience working with Melissa?

“This process was a huge part of shaping my life!   “I wish I could pay you a million dollars for how you have helped me!”     Client:  H.M.



Meet DC.  Throughout the program he lost a total of 37 pounds!