Foods Linked To Cancer


It has been already a fast moving summer and I can’t believe school is back in session.  As we all develop new routines, lets make sure our kids are eating healthy!  Here are a few things that have been linked to Cancer causing agents.


  1. Microwave Popcorn

Many people enjoy eating popcorn while watching their favorite movie. However, it is a much better and healthier option to make your own popcorn at home in ghee or coconut oil. By this you can turn popcorn into a healthy snack but only if you are using organic popcorn kernels. Also, you should avoid buying popcorn at the movie theaters because they contain buttering agent which is a possible cancer-former.  I may buy a small bag but can’t imagine the large tub!

Cancer-Causing Agent: Perfluorooctanoic acid is created during the microwave process from substances found on the inside of the bags.  I understand people buy for convenience but lets pop our own for health!

  1. Beef Jerky

This snack contains nitrites which can lead to the development of cancer. These substances are found in many other foods but beef jerky has much more of them per ounce than many other foods.Do you love beef jerky? Make it instead of buying it for your health's sake!

Therefore, you should make your own beef jerky using grass-fed ground beef rolled out thin using a rolling-pin, and baked in the oven for hours at the lowest temperature.

Cancer-Causing Agent: Nitrites found in beef jerky are associated with cancer development, and they are added to give the jerky its color and also to keep it fresh for months, eeeew.  I will no longer use these as stocking stuffers!

  1. Canned Foods

What is in canned foods that could cause cancer? What are my other options? It has been long discussed whether BPAs contained in canned foods can cause cancer and whether these substances are transferred to the food that the cans contain. Therefore, you should opt for fresh or frozen food, or buy canned food which is BPA-free.

Cancer-Causing Agent: Bisphenol-A .

  1. GMO Foods

GMO treated food contains herbicides and pesticides which have been shown to cause cancer and lead to development of many other diseases. These chemicals cannot be rinsed off before eating. Try to consume 100% organic foods, or the food that has the “Non-GMO Project Verified” seal on it to make sure your food is GMO free.What are the top GMO foods that you shouldn't eat?

Cancer-Causing Agent: herbicides and pesticides.

  1. Cola

Cola contains High Fructose Corn Syrup which gives the soda its brown color. This chemical has proven to feed the cancer cells that you currently have in your body.

Learn to read labels.  Look for this ingredient in most sodas, even ginger ale.  (Ours in the store does not contain High Fructose Corn Syrup but real sugar and ginger.

Do you LOVE to drink these? Cancer causing issues! Stop the Addiction.....Cancer-Causing Agent: 4-MI (4-methylimidazole) which is directly linked to cancer development in thousands of individuals.

  1. Diet Foods

Generally, diet foods contain artificial sweeteners which are associated with cancer development. Moreover, these substances have toxic effect on the body.  WHY SHOULD  THIS MAKE YOU ANGRY?  Diet drinks, foods have been known to carry cancer inducing properties! Don't use!

Cancer-Causing Agent: Aspartame which is the most commonly used artificial sweetener and it has been linked to cancer development for years. However, FDA claims that there is no sufficient evidence to support this theory, but I know several people who have migraines and other health issues related!

  1. Fried Snacks

Fried snacks are absolutely delicious, but carcinogenic as well. These snacks have previously been deep-fried, just like French fries, in order to make it crispy . During this process there is a formation of cancer-causing substances which eventually we consume.Why fried snacks and food could lead to cancer....

Cancer-Causing Agent: Glycidamide, a metabolic product of Acrylamide, a substance produces from frying foods at high temperatures. This substance is considered as highly carcinogenic.

If you found this helpful, I would love to know your feedback!  Please leave me a comment below or subscribe to keep up with staying healthy with us!

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