PREVENT Heart Attack and Have More Energy

I recently had a customer come in around a month ago to tell me that he was searching for a resturant that served not only healthy food but vegan food.  He was on his 5th day of eating the Vegan lifestyle, no dairy and no meat.  He smiled and told me he was really wanting a huge steak and then laughed.  That was over a month ago.  He now states that he feels much better, has more energy and has lost over 25 pounds.  Each week he comes in to tell me his progress and that he no longer “wants” the unhealthy foods or meat.

We must remember it takes 90 days to break a habit but only 21 to form a new one.  This is why many diets are only fads and don’t last long term because people tend to revert back to lifestyle.

Eating plant-based is the new “Heart Attack Proof Diet” and studies show it can reverse Heart Disease!  I would rather be proactive than reactive, wouldn’t you?

Not only do we have access to high fat foods, but we have become dependent on a sedentary lifestyle, leaving our arteries clogged and hearts out of shape.

Much of heart disease happens in your arteries – the little pipes that feed nutrients and toxins to each and every organ – rather than in the heart itself. This is where “healthy” or HDL, and “unhealthy” or LDL cholesterol form – your arteries. The smooth lining of your arteries is made weaker by a poor diet. In North America, we have access to foods that are rich in fat, sugar and loaded with toxins. In fact, heart disease is rarely seen in the world’s poorer nations, which subsist on a primarily plant-based diet.

If you are thinking about wanting to change to a Plant Base Lifestyle, come in and chat with us!  Let’s work on getting you heart attack proof with joining millions of others who know and feel the difference with the vegan lifestyle!


Soup, smoothies and juices are also a great way to pack in nutrition as you transition to a new lifestyle.  Smoothies are fast, and can be prepared in the morning for an easy breakfast that will leave you feeling energized and ready to take on the day. Juices are also wonderful, especially for maximizing nutrient absorption and to help clear your arteries and lymphatic system from toxic build-up and mucus coatings (from dairy and gluten).

If you are interested in boosting your energy levels, as well as help clean out your veins and arteries, going on a high raw plant-based diet will do you even more wonders than a cooked plant-based diet.

Eating raw until dinner time is an incredibly easy way to get lots of raw produce into your body. Most people find it easiest to drink a large morning smoothie, a couple fresh green juices throughout the day, and mono-fruit meals before dinner. Dinner time is associated with comfort and relaxation, and sometimes a warm meal is something that can be greatly looked forward to. Supper is the one meal that most people put a lot of thought into, so being able to have this level of flexibility, while still eating raw throughout the day, will help give your body the energy it requires when most active.

Do you think you can work on a more vegan lifestyle?  It is easier than you think when you put your mind to it, plus your body and your heart will thank you for it!

As always, be healthy and stay healthy.


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