Ready for A New Year Body Makeover

I am sure you have thought about it with that cringing nudge to get it right this time in eating healthy and wanting to follow through with maybe losing a few pounds as we embark on the new year.  Maybe it is just sticking to your plans or the new years resolution concept which only 2% of people complete.  That is where we can help!

Starting off the new year may seem easy at first because we are driven to accomplish but then something happens.  What I learned in Health Coaching is that our critter brains will always revert back to old patterns unless we have not only motivation but also accountability with the right system in place.  You see, we don’t like change as human beings.  Do you know that 70% of people view change as anguish followed by pain?  No wonder why we fall back with “cheating” on ourselves with food we know that is unhealthy.  However did you also know you can control your cravings?  In fact you may be contributing to your cravings without realizing it.


  •  When people tell me they don’t have time to eat healthy, I yell the word – SMOOTHIE at them! Smoothies are the ultimate fast food and they are a superb way to add more veggies to your diet. I’ve found, too, that they alleviate bad food cravings because they provide a burst of nutrition – one that’s not usually present in the typical American diet. When your body doesn’t get what it needs nutritionally speaking, cravings kick in. And if you give in to those cravings, you’re on the road to gaining weight. Once you start to pump your body with greens, you’ll start craving them instead!  Swing by and taste ours because the Incredible Hulk is favorite! Add our Vios Phyte for more greens!


As a Certified Health Coach, my proven successful programs are top of the line.  As I said before, unless you have the right system, the right support and accountability it is hard to stay motivated.  We have had over 60 people interested in our 7 Day Sugar Detox since I ran the special a few weeks ago.  I have decided to continue the special through December this week but on January 1, it goes back to our regular price.  What do you get?

With the Sugar Detox, You get a menu and 4 coaching sessions with me plus a free massage after completing 7 days… you will also get a success guide, plan and journal!  PLUS you get placed in a Facebook group for more support and accountability!   READY TO START?   Please leave a comment below with your email (it won’t show) and I will email you the details!  In fact, get your spouse on board or a friend to really pep up the accountability.


  • Another way to start off the New Year is with a Juice Cleanse!  Click Here to read more about it.  SPECIAL FOR LOYAL MEMBERS is our Discounted Prices if you order this week!  Call ahead to let us know when you want to start, pay ahead and start sometime in January – leave a comment below.


  • Need a Cleanse?  There are several ways to flush out toxins in your body but most cleanses focus only on your gut.  Our Cleanse in a bottle, you only take for 7 days within the month, and save the rest of the capsules for the next month.  Our Organic Cleanse Capsules are one of a kind and cleanses 7 Systems in your body, including the Lymphatic, Lungs, Skin, Blood, Liver, Colon and Kidneys.  Come in for your bottle today with the LOYAL MEMBERSHIP PRICE – Discounted Prices UPON CHECKOUT this week only.

360 – 28 DAY PLAN

  • Need to lose weight?  360 Meal Replacement can help as well as our Matcha.  Our Rally 28 Plan can also help you with helping you with meal suggestions, Cleanse, Metabolic One – fat burner…. Come and or leave a comment below to let us know where you want to get started or discuss what option is best for you!




Have you tried our water yet?  Improving your intake on water this upcoming year is a great way to start!  We have options for grab and go or monthly membership.  Come in for your first free gallon today!

Dangers of tap water

Read more here



Melissa Phillips HC BCBC


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