Nourish!  We serve Raw Juice, Bottled Fresh Cold Press Juice, Wheatgrass and Ginger Shots, Smoothies,  Juice Cleanses, Vegan, Gluten Free Food and 9.5 Alkaline Mineral Kangen Water.  Healthy snacks available for pick up or with delivery.

Come and see us for your Zyto Compass Body Scan to determine your nutritional and emotional needs.  Takes only 5 minutes to get your complete report!

We also offer, Therapeutic Essential Oils as well as Supplements for Energy, Weight Loss, Sleep Aide and Detox.

Our newest line of PURE products for holistic health which is featured in the 2018 Physician Desk Reference!

Owner Melissa Phillips, Certified Health Coach can help you choose the right System for ultimate weight loss or help you with her Sugar Detox Plan.


  • “I love you for your Pink Cadillac…” What a nice surprise that kids smoothies are free on Saturday. My daughter enjoyed her fave – Pink Cadillac!14468268_1477845518908855_3746768242198849938_o.jpg

    Rebecca Young

  • This young lady was struggling with not performing at her best and it wasn’t for lack of heart and determination because she always gives her all. So we started to focus on her diet and started smoothies from wheat grass juice bar and her time running bettered by 45 seconds and she felt wonderful after her big race. So we know we are on the right track. She loves the Hulk!! Thanks wheat grass juice bar for helping our athlete. #fastcats14589945_1280736131937630_3312120827251979_o.jpg

    Tabema Miles

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